About Us


  • Founded in 2007, Samho Green Investment(SGI) is the first and only venture capital firm in Korea focused on the clean growth sector, including renewable energy, green and agricultural technologies. We engage in venture capital and private equity investments for mergers & acquisitions and buyouts, and conduct business as well as engineering consulting for our portfolio and client companies.
  • Our investment focus areas are Cleantech, including green technology (Greentech) commercialization, green infrastructure and agricultural technologies (Agritech), as well as early-stage project development. We have an experienced team of in-house Cleantech specialists and an extensive domestic and international Cleantech network, which assists us in deal sourcing, value creation and exit management.
  • SGI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samho Development Group, a Korean conglomerate operating since 1976, comprised of Samho Development Co., Ltd. (KRX-listed), Samho Resources, Inc.

Investment Management Team

  • Our Team Members have an average of 15 over years experience in investment and risk management, and our Technical Advisor Group has an average of 20 over years of experience in the clean sector. Our technical advisor group assist with market, technology and target company analyses, feasibility studies and valuation. It is our view that this technical diligence improves both deal execution and post-investment controls and cost-management, so that exits are facilitated efficiently.
  • We utilizes international and regionally-integrated cross-cultural and cross-functional investment managers and technical experts to invest in the world’s future leading cleantech, agriculture technology, renewable energy, and green infrastructure companies through mergers & acquisitions and buyouts.

Our Investment Focus

  • Investment in Cleantech, We invest in cleantech companies that are undergoing commercialization and early stage development. Specifically, we invest in waste development, PMIC(Power Management IC), battery & fuel cell technologies, green vehicles, energy efficiency, renewable energy, nanotechnology, and organic & printed electronics.
  • Investment in Renewable Power and Green Infrastructure Companies, including waste to energy plants, bio-mass plants, wind power facilities, solar facilities, bio-fuel plants and green buildings.
  • Investment in Green Agricultural Technology, We invest in eco-friendly agritech, including eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers, greenhouses and vertical farms, agricultural water quality projects, clean processing facilities, cold-chain systems, plant growth promotion, farming systems with resource circulation and the restoration of contaminated lands.